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 Floor Safe:

A1 Quality floor safes offer an affordable alternative to larger freestanding safes with the added protection of being hidden in the floor. When properly installed in concrete. These floor safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection.

This A1 Quality floor safe is easy to use with it's high security double-bitted lamina-type mechanical key lock. Hidden protection for cash, jewelry and valuables. Installing a new foundation? Why not create extra secure storage space in the concrete with one of our floor safes. This floor safe is also perfect for flush wooden floor installtion just cut a few floor boards and bolt to the joist underneath. Toss a rug over it and your done. Many uses include R.V. applications and deep wall safe

Keep in mind that the ability of any protective device to deter theft is a function of time. Generally, pretty thieves lack the patience, tools or experience to break into a properly installed floor safe. Even experienced burglars turn away from security devices wich require special tools and many minutes of privacy, or which create a lot of noise when attacked forcibly. Concequently, installing your floor safe in or on a concrete floor offers the maximum degree of security. Properly installed in concrete these floor safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection.

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Floor Safe: high security key lock floor safe

Item No. A1Q-FLRSF815

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