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Troubleshooting tips
Inclusive Model Numbers: 5070/5072/5073/5074/A125EA.
General Operating Instruction
Your safe is initially locked when you first take it out from the packaging. To open, push the chrome handle in firmly, press 1-5-9-A and open the door by pulling the chrome handle out (turn knob in Model A125EA). See also “OPENING THE SAFE” section below.

1. Locate the jutting button on the back of the safe door near the hinges
2. Press the button and release it. You should hear a beep. If you don’t, install the battery (see “To Change the Batteries” instruction below).
3. Enter between three (3) to eight (8) digits code number that you want to use as a password followed by the letter “B” (Ex. 1-2-3-B).
4. Your new code is now ready for use. Test for usage by opening your safe:
Open safe sequence: Enter your code – Press A (Ex. 1-2-3-A) – Pull handle


Your Anti-Theft™ safe has an extra protection feature on the handle. The door handle is a bit tricky to operate if you don’t know how to use them; thus opening the safe door requires knowledge only the owner of the safe possesses. Observe the following:

• The chrome handle needs to push completely in before you can pull it out.
Thus, before you enter your code, you need to make sure that the handle is pushed all the way in. The reason is because if the handle is halfway pulled out, the locking mechanism won’t work (pushing in the handle locks it into place, enabling the locking mechanism to work).

• You open the door by pulling the chrome handle out. But since the lock will not work if the handle is not pushed all the way in first (thus locking them into place), you can use this to your advantage: you can, after closing the door, pull the handle out slightly so that anyone who doesn’t know that the handle needs to pushed in before it can be pulled out cannot open the door. Unauthorized users can never figure out why they can’t get the door open.

• If the wrong code has been entered once, the safe will lock itself for 20 seconds. The next wrong attempt will lock it for over 5 minutes. Continued wrong attempts

GeneralTurningSequenceInstructionNOTESAFEMODEL 5054/5055/5059/5080/5081/5084/5111/5190/5195/5575/5700/5702.
Combinations consist of FOUR (4) positions (numbers).

Before you begin, please clear all settings by turning the dial CLOCKWISE (to the right) three times. We also recommend trying the procedure with your safe door open first. Then follow these steps:


1. Start the dial on 0 (zero).
2. Turn the dial to the RIGHT, passing your first combination number FOUR (4) times and stopping at that number on the fifth time around.
3. Turn the dial to the LEFT, passing your second combination number TWO (2) times and stopping at that number the third time around.
4. Turn the dial to the RIGHT, passing your third combination number ONE (1) time and stopping at that number the second time around.
5. Turn the dial to the LEFT, to the last combination number and STOP.
6. Insert the key in the cylinder lock and turn RIGHT to open.

Your safe should now be opened.

PLEASE do not remove the serial number tag or model number tag or any tag from the a1 Quality safe that you buy or may already own.
Removing the tag will make it difficult for our customer service representatives to assist you in a timely manner.

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