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A depository safe will reduce the threat of robbery or internal theft by skimming your cash register of the big bills and excess cash. Why not have your employees make fast secure deposit through an open slot in the drop safe door. Easy re-programmable electronic lock with key override keeps this safe one step ahead of competition. Our L E D display electronic lock

A1 Quality depository safes will pay for itself by preventing losses and with more accurate drawer totals. Ideal for gun control, staff use, athletic clubs, security areas and much more.

A1 Quality series Depository safes are designed to provide immediate deposits and secure storage for cash, jewelry, and miscellaneous valuables. Deposits can be made through a locked door via a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse hopper or a front-loading deposit drop safe door.


* With electronic lock which is simple to operate and can be programmed with any combination of 3 to 8 personal numbers, giving many millions of potential combinations.

* Security and power status shown by a series of LED displays and buzzer feedback for each operation

* With 4 x "AA" size (1.5V) back -up batteries.

* High security manual override key

* Constructed of solid steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks.

* Intruder tampering

* Bottom with carpet lined.

* Pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing permanent mounting to any surface.

* Durable powder coating interior and exterior.

depository safes
Depository Safe: electronic lighted LCD display depository safes

Item No. A1Q-DPSF1014LCD

Depository Safes: LED display electronic lock depository safe
Item No. A1Q-DPSF1014
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